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Ah no! You just missed the event!

But don't worry! Hop onto the waitlist and be the first to know when the next event opens for registration! Your Business Will ❤️ You For It!


Say hello to clarity, confidence and coaching clients with this proven step-by-step game plan for start-up or struggling coaches!!

This 5-Day LIVE Intensive is where your client attraction starts!

Because whether you're just starting your coaching business, or you've been at it for a while, your ability to find clients, (the paying kind)   is critical to your success! 

But here's the problem...


The online space is noisy (and getting noisier by the second)  and it's hard to grab peoples attention when you're one of a gazillion online coaches.


You feel like you're on the content creation hamsterwheel of death but It's taking forever to grow a big enough audience to sell to!


Your lead magnet and list building funnel is proving NOT to be the client attracting, list building magic pill you thought (or were told) it would be....


All of your work and effort is simply not translating into clients who want what you have and are ready to pay you for it.



The good news is, it's an easier fix than you realise!

If you're willing to spend a couple days online, learning what I have to teach you, and implementing alongside your virtual community,  I promise to reward your energy with only the most relevant, need-to-know, and easy to implement strategies that'll finally help you build a client-attracting, revenue-generating business that you ❤️! AND in less time than it's been taking you!

- Jay Manning
Certified Professional Business Coach + Veteran Business Building Nerd! 

 You Simply Can't Afford To Miss This!

You Are Going To Learn:


How to cut through the noise and get the attention of your ideal clients by applying Jay's "Nano-Niche Strategy"


How to move your ideal client from cold to sold faster than you can say "Building a business baby!"


How and why the usual slow-growth organic strategies just aren't working right now - and more importantly, what does (no, I'm NOT talking about expensive paid strategies either)

5DL Client Attraction Roadmap Agenda.png

So Why Is This 5-Day LIVE Event Different?

I'm so glad you asked 😃

The real difference is I care enough to put my time, attention and energy on you, your business and your goals.

That's it! No secrets. Definitely no magic...
(although I am a one-woo-kinda-woman so there might be some of that. )

It's just me, sleeves rolled up and fixed on you for a jam-packed week of learning and ACTION.

The world is changing, trends are changing, client engagement and buying patterns are changing. 


Your ability to respond to those changes is critical for your coaching business survival and success.

Be sure to show up LIVE 
Your business will ❤️ you for it.

Here's What You'll Get In This 5-Day Event


5 Days of Live training with a Business Building Nerd + Coach:  I guide you step-by-step to put the right foundation in place. You get my 25+ years of consulting and entrepreneurship working for you. 


Daily Action Steps to help you Implement, Execute + Get Results:  Spoiler Alert! Information alone will not change your life or business. I design my experiences to move the needle regardless of where you are at. Getting off the struggle bus starts with implementation.


Access to our private Facebook Group:  Your dreams are too big to get there on your own. You need a virtual community of like-minded, goal-oriented action-takers like yourself so you have the support + accountability you need.


This FREE Client Attraction Roadmap is exactly what you've been looking for,

So Register Now!

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